Highway 16 new bridge
The ongoing project to extend Idaho 16 over the Boise River continues with work on a bridge now being built. Pictured is a cofferdam, which allows the crews to work on the bridge elements in a dry environment. They pump out the groundwater and drive the piles. The photo shows a pier column where the piles have been driven and cut off to the appropriate elevation. The metal reinforcement bar (rebar) has been tied and is being set up for a concrete placement. The yellow walls on the side are forms for the sides of the footings. They won’t pour the column until they have a form, which will then have to cure for about a week. There are three of these cofferdams required for each pier. A photo on the Messenger Index Facebook shows some of the piles that have yet to be driven into the soil. There are 650 piles in all to drive for 10 piers and a pair of abutments. The markings are in feet. This lets the inspectors know how many feet the pile has gone into the ground. Submitted photo