The Feb. 8, 1949 Emmett Index reported:

When a building committee, supposedly appointed by the Chamber of Commerce, announced Thursday of last week, that there were 41 houses in Emmett unoccupied, it aroused a protest from many renters of the city who have, for several months hunted in vain for a place to live.

But when an analysis of the report is made, it is found that the situation remains the same: there is no house in Emmett for rent!

Of the 41 houses reported vacant by the committee, 22 are reported as shacks, unfit for anyone to live in or as having already been rented or sold.

Of the remaining 19 houses or apartments only one is classified ok, four are classified as good, 14 classified as fair which means repairs to the extent of $350 or more is necessary to put them in a condition for habitation as reported by the committee.

The committee admits that the houses, classified as fair are unfit for occupancy at the present time. Meanwhile, over two dozen families have reported to The Index that they are living in houses too small for their needs, others are still on the march for homes in which to move their families, others unable to find houses suitable, are storing their furniture and living is whatever quarters they can find.

The report, submitted by the committee, is entirely erroneous and does not, in anyway reflect the true housing situation in Emmett.

The facts are that there are no houses in Emmett, anywhere adequate to take care of the demand and the demand is increasing every day.

The situation is serious, despite the report of the building committee and should be corrected to bring relief to the many people requiring housing facilities in this community.